Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has attacked the divide between America's East and West Coast, slamming New York rap fans for snubbing up-and-coming Los Angeles acts.

The DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT star also claims that some East Coast artists copy rappers on the West Coast and take the credit for their style.

The 33-year-old says, "We don't get no airplay on East Coast radio, but East Coast artists get all kinds of airplay on the West Coast.

"They're always stealing our style, stealing our slang, stealing our looks and getting paid off for it."

The rapper adds, "It's like on the West Coast, if you ain't with Dr Dre or Snoop Dogg, we ain't letting you in. That ain't fair. There are other guys out here doing it that should be given the opportunity as well."

17/03/2005 17:26