Rapper Snoop Dogg is encouraging his son to be a "player," but when it comes to his daughter he has a completely different set of rules.

The rapper, real name CALVIN BROADUS, is father to CORDE, CORDELL and CORI, and while he likes his 11-year-old son dating, Snoop won't be encouraging his daughter to find a boyfriend.

The STARKSY AND HUTCH star says, "I'm going to tell my daughter to wait, but the fellas ain't got to wait. That's life, man."

The former gang member has brought up the subject of adult relationships with his children before, but knows the next time it comes up, he's going to have to provide more information.

He says, "I briefly had a conversation with them about it. I said, 'There's going to come a time when we're going to have to talk about sex,' and they started laughing, but I expected that.

"I think they've got probably the basics down, I just have to dust off the edges."