Snoop Dogg has been fined by customs officials in Norway for possession of a small quantity of marijuana and an excess of foreign currency into the country.
The West Coast rap icon was detained at Kjevic airport, in Kristiansand, before a performance at Hovefestivalen on Thursday (28th July). He was found carrying eight grams of marijuana and about 227,000 Norwegian kroner in cash, according to Norwegian website Although Norwegian law prevents the naming of suspects, authorities confirmed that an American artist had been caught carrying the drug, with Snoop later being confirmed as said artist.
Snoop was brought down by his own species, as a sniffer dog was on hand to hound out the drug being concealed by the rapper. Snoop, a prolific Tweeter, has not made any comment on the event thus far. Instead he posted up new pictures of his hair, his jewellery and an even bigger bag of marijuana. In Norway, possession of a small amount of marijuana is not a criminal offence, as such. Snoop was fined 12,000kr for possession of the drug, plus another 40,000kr for surpassing customs' rules on cash. He was then allowed to continue on his way and performed at the Festival without any further hitches.