The Beautiful hitmaker, who was left devastated by Nate Dogg's death in 2011, had hoped to bring his 213 bandmate back from beyond the grave to feature on his new album Bush, but he reveals the making of the track didn't quite go to plan.

Snoop admits his emotions got the better of him each time he tried to pen his lyrics, because he was so moved by Nate Dogg's vocals, and he ended up asking another songwriter to step in.

He tells Vibe magazine, "It was called Wintertime in June. It was a song with Nate Dogg on the hook and the bridge. I could never write to it.

"I had it for about a year before I tried to do something to it because every time I would try to write, I would get emotional and cry, and couldn't finish it 'cause the way he was singing on it, the s**t he was saying. So I ended up giving it to a writer to write it for me and he wrote the s**t out of it and he sounded good. It felt good and Pharrell (Williams, the album's executive producer) loved it."

However, Wintertime in June, which was produced by Fredwreck, didn't end up making the final cut for Bush because Snoop wasn't a fan of the final mix.

It is not clear if Snoop plans to release the song in the future.

Nate Dogg died of complications following a series of strokes. He was 41.