Snoop Dogg has enlisted the help of his A-list friends Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and David Beckham to help him get clearance to travel into the U.K.
The rapper is banned from travelling to Britain after he was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport in 2006 following a fracas.
But the Drop it Like it's Hot hitmaker is desperate to be allowed back in the country - and is calling on his famous friends to help his case.
He says, "I love London and I'm desperate to come back. I've called David Beckham, Sir Paul MCCartney - hell, I want to get the whole of the Beatles to help me get back in.
"I'm trying to get through to Madonna as well. I'd love them all to write to the Prime Minister to change his mind."
And Snoop has pleaded with his fans to join the cause and help support his campaign.
He adds, "You got to help me too. London was one of the first places I came to when I first made it. The people are so warm and friendly and I need to be there for my creativity.
"So tell my fans I have not forgotten them and I have not given up hope. Shout out to them all - especially the ladies."