The hip-hop stars were performing at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden on 5 August (16) as part of their The High Road Tour, when a railing which separated the pavilion's lawn from inside seating gave way, causing dozens of fans to fall several feet to the concrete floor.

Snoop and Wiz had asked for fans to "stand up" moments before the incident, causing the crowd to push forward, according to officials. The hitmakers were quickly escorted off stage by security staff, and the remainder of the concert was subsequently scrapped.

At the time, Camden police spokesman Dan Keashen confirmed more than 40 people had been injured in the accident, with many hospitalised with broken bones, scratches and bruises, and now 17 of them have teamed up to sue for compensation.

According to, the victims are holding Snoop and Wiz responsible for the railing collapse because they sparked a stampede by allegedly telling the crowd, "Everybody in the motherf**king grass bring your a** down here."

One of the plaintiffs claims he suffered a fractured spine in the crowd crush. Three venue employees are also included in the lawsuit.

Venue owners at Live Nation have been named as co-defendants in the lawsuit, amid allegations subpar repairs to the railing in the past year contributed to its collapse.

Representatives for the stars and Live Nation have yet to comment on the case.