The hip-hop stars were performing at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden on Friday night (05Aug16) as part of their The High Road Tour when a railing which separated the pavilion's lawn from inside seating gave way, causing dozens of fans to fall several feet to the concrete floor.

Snoop and Wiz had walked out to a second stage for the show and were asking for fans to "stand up" moments before the incident, causing the crowd to push forward, according to officials.

The rappers were escorted off stage by security following the railing collapse, which occurred at around 10.30pm local time, and the remainder of the concert was subsequently scrapped.

More than 40 people were injured in the accident, with many hospitalised with broken bones, scratches and bruises, according to Camden police spokesman Dan Keashen. All patients were discharged by Saturday afternoon (06Aug16), reports NBC News.

Both Snoop and Wiz took to Twitter on Saturday to comment on the scary incident, with the Gin & Juice hitmaker writing, "prayers out to my fans. wishn (wishing) u (sic) all a quick recovery. Love".

"Hope everyone from last night is alright," Wiz added. "That s**t was crazy."

Fire crews and safety inspectors worked to secure the railing after the gig was cut short, and the venue opened for business again on Saturday night, when it hosted an I Love the '90s concert featuring performers like Salt N Pepa and Vanilla Ice.