Snoop Dogg wants to win more awards.

The 'Gangsta Luv' rapper has been nominated for several Grammys but has never won and is tired of coming second best.

He said: "My peers respect me but the industry don't. Not that I really base my career on winning awards or things of that nature, but it's like, if I get nominated 20, 30 times and don't win, why keep nominating me? What is it? Do I have to act a complete a*s and make people hate me to get to where I want to be?"

The 38-year-old hip-hop star also feels people don't have enough respect for him because they have seen his soft side on his reality TV show 'Father Hood'.

Snoop - who was shown as a loving family man in his fly-on-the-wall series - added to Britain's Times newspaper: "Nice guys finish last. When I had the attitude of thug, gangster, no respect, that bad boy attitude, I was always coming in first.

"When I first started coming to London and they had a handcuff on me, those were the Wonder Years when I just didn't care. Now that I'm more concerned and caring and a father and a husband - it just seems, like, the nicer I get, the less respect I get."