Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has dumped his pimping ways in a bid to win his wife SHANTE back.

The rapper filed for divorce from his childhood sweetheart in May (04), citing irreconcilable differences, but now claims he made a big mistake.

And he's ditching all his sex projects, including the top-selling SNOOP DOGG: DOGGYSTYLE series of porn tapes - because his wife always disapproved of his pimping ways.

He says, "My wife don't like it. She knows I'm not participating. But you're still being close to it. That's why I'm not gonna f**k with it anymore."

The decision is the beginning of Snoop's attempt to save his marriage.

He adds, "I know I said I wanted a divorce, but that ain't what I really wanted. That's the devil working. My thing was, I was so demanding and not willing to listen.

"That's why it was all bad, because of the simple fact that I'm Snoop Dogg and in a powerful position and sometimes that s**t gets to my head.

"I just got to come back to being, you know, CALVIN (BROADUS), and realising what matters most to me - my wife and my kids. That's what I'm trying to do right now. Put that back together again."

16/12/2004 05:48