Snoop Dogg insists he's such a natural in his role as HUGGY BEAR in the new STARSKY + HUTCH movie, even aspiring actor SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS would be nowhere near as good.

The BEAUTIFUL rapper, 32, believes he was born to take on the role, originally played by Antonio Fargas, in the comedy remake of the '70s TV series.

He says, "Huggy bear has a certain Snoop Dogg inside him. P Diddy couldn't have been him.

"Huggy was a cool dude, and (director) Todd Phillips let me add my flavour with the hair, the fingernails, the outfits and the jewellery. I brought my own car on the set."

Security-conscious Snoop, real name CALVIN BROADUS, also stunned his co-stars when he brought his own bodyguards on the set.

OWEN WILSON says, "You would think someone who might have that sort of concern and fear wouldn't ride around in a car emblazoned with 'DOGG MOBILE' on the side."

05/03/2004 09:21