Snoop Dogg has collaborated on a track with Massive Attack.

The rapper and the legendary Bristolian trip-hoppers recorded the track - entitled Calling Mumia - under the alias of 100 SUNS.

It features on a new documentary, In Prison My Whole Life, which chronicles the life of the political activist Mumia Abu Jamal.

Jamal is currently on Death Row for murdering a Philadelphia policeman and the film looks at the years before and after his incarceration.

SNOOP'S lyrics include "The way I live now is to educate and elevate the kids/ and give them more than weed and bottles of beer.

"I got a lot to say/ cos aint no fun when you’re locked away."

Elsewhere, it was recently reported that the rapper is to collaborate with the late country star Johnny Cash on a forthcoming remix project.

Snoop will appear on a new version of the classic song I Walk the Line on the forthcoming JOHNNY CASH REMIXED album.

04/11/2008 11:18:30