Swedish police arrested rapper Snoop Dogg on suspicion of using illegal narcotics in the early hours of this morning (12MAR07), before releasing him after questioning and drug tests. The BEAUTIFUL star had just performed a gig in Stockholm and was travelling to an after-show party when police pulled his car over at 1:30am. Cops decided Snoop Dogg - real name CALVIN BROADUS - and a female companion showed signs of drug use and took the pair to a nearby police station. They were held overnight before being released this morning. A small amount of drugs were found in the car, although it is not yet clear what the drugs were or who they belonged to. Police spokesman MATTS BRANNLUND says, "He was deemed to be under the influence of narcotics. "He underwent some tests that will now be sent away for analysis. In two to three weeks, we'll know if he was on something." Sweden usually punishes minor drug offences with a fine.