Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has been slammed by a group of irate Massachusetts fans, who accuse him of snubbing them after they paid out hordes of cash to meet him.

According to promoter FRED BALBONI, the BEAUTIFUL rapper arrived at Salisbury's BOSTON WAVES club an hour-and-a-half later than expected on Thursday (29JUL04), following his performance at the nearby TWEETER CENTER with Linkin Park as part of the Projekt Revolution tour.

But rather than greet the 300-plus fans who had paid up to $99 (GBP55) for the WAAF FM-sponsored concert, Balboni says Snoop ignored the crowd, retreated to a back room and lit up a joint before slipping through a back door with his payment.

Balboni tells the BOSTON HERALD, "He went into the VIP area and the next thing I know, I see smoke coming out of there, but it wasn't a cigarette."

It is unclear whether police saw Snoop light up, but several policemen staffed for security gathered on stage to keep the star, real name CALVIN BROADUS, in plain view, which forced him into a private dressing room.

A handful of angry club goers were arrested on disorderly conduct charges after they swore at cops, who they blamed for ruining their time.

Irate VIP guest CHARLIE DALY says of the rapper, "I hate him now. I will never, ever buy another record... I guess he's cutting a CD right now, and I hope to GOD nobody buys it. He doesn't deserve to have fans."

Snoop's publicist MEREDITH O'SULLIVAN says, "It's unfortunate that (fans) feel that way. Anyone who knows him knows that he always stops for pictures and autographs."

She adds of her client's alleged use of marijuana, "I don't think anyone knew it was a joint. He probably lit up a cigarette. I have no idea."

02/08/2004 09:41