LATEST: Rapper Snoop Dogg's bid to keep imprisoned murderer STANLEY WILLIAMS alive seems to have paid off - California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to meet with the incarcerated gang boss' legal team.

The hip-hop star asked for clemency in his pal's death sentence when he joined a rally outside San Quentin Prison, California - and performed a song he'd written to pay tribute to Williams.

And Schwarzenegger, who has yet to overturn any death sentences in his term as Governor, has agreed to consider giving the jailed former Crips gang leader the Christmas (05) gift of life.

Williams is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on 13 December (05).

Schwarzenegger's press secretary MARGITA THOMPSON says, "The Governor reviewed the material in the case this week and he decided the best route is a private clemency hearing, so he can hear directly from counsel."