Snoop Dogg enjoys surprising Hollywood executives with polite behaviour, because they have no idea what the controversial rapper-turned-actor will be like.

Dogg has starred in a string of hit movies including Starsky And Hutch and realises his reputation for being a badboy, who was once arrested on charges of being a murder accomplice, precedes him.

He says, "They don't know what to expect until they see that I'm just a regular ol' guy like they are.

"I mean, I don't walk around gangsta all day, slapping people up and being a vicious criminal. No. That's only when it's called for.

"Same with the pimp image. That's a dream of mine I had as a kid, to be a pimp, living like a pimp. I've lived that dream out and had fun doing it.

"But I don't think I should play with it no more."

14/02/2005 14:10