Rap stars Snoop Dogg and SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS have found new roles - as rival coaches of their sons' high-stakes junior football leagues.

Both stars take their job of coaching a team of 40 12-year-olds very seriously and recently faced each other in the playoffs.

Combs explains, "My son JUSTIN is the quarterback of the BAD BOY ALL-STARS and we played Snoop Dogg's team in the Championship Bowl in Miami.

"We won - we beat Snoop Dogg's team and after the game my son jumped on me (in celebration) and my finger got dislocated."

The rapper is enjoying his team's win over his rival and doesn't miss an opportunity to brag about his coaching abilities.

He adds, "I'm a better coach than Snoop Dogg this year. We won the championship. It was a very good, clean game and my son did a good job.

"The game is very serious, but they're all having a good time."

And the pair aren't the only stars coaching in their league - rapper Nelly has a team, as well as Star Wars actor Mark Hamill.