Songwriting legend Diane Warren has confessed to smoking pot with rapper Snoop Dogg when they hit the studio together.

The Grammy Award winner teamed up with the hip-hop star, a regular cannabis user, for a track called The Good Good and admits Snoop introduced her to some "pretty good weed" while they worked.

Warren tells, "Did I inhale? Ask me if I inhaled. Yes, I did. I did! Here's the thing, I breathed in the studio. All I had to do was breathe in that studio! I had a hit of that blunt. I don't care, I'm not running for office. It was pretty good weed, I have to tell you. I don't smoke a lot but... Did he smoke during the whole session? Just during a lot of the session!"

Warren also reveals she gave their collaboration a more risque title, but Snoop decided it was too obscene.

She explains, "The song is really cool, it was called The Good S**t and it became The Good Good. I got censored by a hard-core rapper, which I find amazingly awesome. It's cool, it really happened."

The Good Good featured on Snoop Dogg's Reincarnated album, which he released in April (13) under his new reggae moniker Snoop Lion.