Snoop Dogg has change species, and musical direction (you could argue that he's not rapped for years but for arguments sake lets just say he has), as he has taken up the new mantra of SNOOP LION, to go with his new reggae direction.

From his 'Deep Cover' beginnings as a young sidekick with Dr Dre, Snoop's career has seen him star on two of the 90's greatest hip-hop albums (Dre's The Chronic and Snoop's own Doggystyle) and, more recently, work alongside Katy Perry and Big Time Rush.

With Reincarnated, Snoop looks to reclaim the more revered moments of his career like what he saw in the 90's, hopefully putting his shameless turns on a number of pop tracks over the past few years behind him.

This new reggae direction has thankfully helped Snoop put another few things behind him, as the enlightenment of Rastafarianism, (yes he's changed faith too) and the music it helps him create, has helped him leave behind his bad boy, gangster image.

Gone are tracks like 'Murder Was The Case' and 'Serial Killa' and instead Snoop is singing songs like 'No Guns Allowed.'

Recorded in Jamaica, with the blessing of Bob Marley's family given to him, Reincarnated, will be released thorugh Snoop's own Doggystyle label later this year. The first single from the album, 'La La La', is out now.