Snoop Dogg's new movie SOUL PLANE has sparked controversy among African-Americans, who claim the film - about an all-black airline - stereotypes them.

Movie maker Spike Lee is leading the charge against the comedy, which is released in America today (28MAY04).

The Malcolm X director claims the film is "coonery and buffoonery" in a statement he has released damning the film.

And black community groups across America have also lashed out at the film for stereotyping Afro-Americans as sex-starved and lazy individuals.

Leading black rights campaigner LEE BAILEY says, "There is definitely a feeling in the community that this is the film that really does cross the line, that doesn't have any conscience whatsoever."

But the film's director, JESSY (corr) TERRERO, hits back, "I'm part of Generation X, part of the hip-hop culture, and I just wanted to make a good comedy for my generation.

"I don't see this as a movie about race, it's a movie about class."

28/05/2004 20:09