Whilst all the clamour surrounding 'Coachella' fell upon week one of the festival, with the now well-memed and heavily talked about Hologram Tupac performance as part of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre 's looking set to go down in some sort of 21st century folklore, the same amazing line-up were still in attendance in California this weekend just gone. However whilst the artists remained the same, they were keen to ensure that the crowd this time round were treated to a different spectacle than those who turned up in the first weekend.

The biggest change however came with the weather, which went from being unseasonably cold last weekend to a real scorcher this weekend, temperatures comfortably into triple-digit Fahrenheit according to USA Today. Amidst that there was plenty of musical highlights for revellers to get their teeth into, with many artists mixing up their sets a bit. Feist, for instance, played with a small orchestra, whilst David Guetta rolled out another guest in Sia - following Usher's appearance last weekend.

The big one though was Dre and Snoop Dogg's set, with everyone hoping for something extra special - greedy lot aren't they? - however the pair performed exactly the same show as the previous weekend, and ultimately the crowd cared not one jot going just as mental for the pair as they had the previous weekend.