Music legend Smokey Robinson has slammed the makers of the film DREAMGIRLS for disparaging the reputation of Motown founder BARRY GORDY. The film is inspired by the story of The Supremes, who were created by Gordy, and Robinson believes there are too many inaccuracies in the film which damages the Motown legend's legacy. He tells ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "The creators of the Dreamgirls movie have blatantly indicated that they are depicting Berry Gordy and Diana Ross and The Supremes and Motown and they have done it with a lot of false information and negativity." Robinson was particularly offended by Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Gordy and insists his friend never paid DJ's to play his artist's songs or dealt with organised crime figures as depicted in the film. He adds, "Berry Gordy created something with his dream that allowed a lot of other dreams to come true and he did it with integrity, he did it with honesty. "As a member of the Motown family, it's insulting to me. I think they owe Barry Gordy a public apology and they should do it rapidly!"