Motown photographer JIM BRITT has unlocked his snapshot vault for the first time and will exhibit candid shots of Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye for the first time next month (FEB07). Britt captured the soul greats as they recorded their landmark albums and photographed Gaye for the cover of his revered 1973 release LET'S GET IT ON. But his prints have been locked away for years, and it took his daughter JODY's new job at Los Angeles' Morrison Hotel Gallery to prompt him to think about showing them off in public. Gallery boss SAM MILGROM says, "As well as the cover, Jim captured Marvin recording Let's Get It On in the studio and those shots alone are incredible. It's powerful stuff. "He's got these great shots of the Motown elite and he just never thought to exhibit them." Britt's first ever exhibition will launch on 17 February (07) and share the gallery space with BRUCE TALAMON, another photographer who captured America's soul greats.