Soul great Smokey Robinson risked his career and his voice by going on a secret drug binge.

The TRACKS OF MY TEARS hitmaker, who insists he has been clean since 1986, used to sprinkle cocaine on marijuana and smoke it, and became hooked on the quick fix.

He says, "I was walking around just emaciated. I lost so much weight I was unrecognisable to other people and to myself in the mirror. It was a real dark period of life.

"At the time, I was not worried about my voice or anything like that. The only thing I was worried about was when I was going to get it."

And the GRAMMY AWARD winner admits it took a spiritual intervention for him to turn his life around.

He adds, "I walked in that church as an addict and I came out free. I never went to psychotherapy or rehab or the hospital or the doctor or anything like that. I just turned it over to God. It was miraculous. I was healed."

16/04/2004 09:21