Two men have been charged after breaking into US rockers Smashing Pumpkins' studio and stealing artwork and musical paraphernalia last weekend (05-06May07). The burglars gained entry to the venue in Chicago, Illinois, stealing pictures from a photoshoot for upcoming album Zeigeist and allegedly taking three guitar picks belonging to the band. The perpetrators then reportedly posted photographs of their haul on the internet, but were charged with burglary yesterday (08May07). A spokesperson for Smashing Pumpkins says, "Management for Smashing Pumpkins confirms that the band's rehearsal studio in Chicago was burglarised last week. "The two people who are now in jail illegally gained access to the band's private space and stole various items belonging to them over the course of several hours while the band had left for the evening. "The band's management says the group feels their rights have been violated by this crime and will always pursue their rights and the law to protect their property and the safety of themselves, their families and their fans." Police Sergeant Vidal Vasquez adds, "They (the band) were pissed."