Smashing Pumpkins have reassured fans they have no plans to quit - despite revealing they have recorded their last album.
In a recent interview, drummer Jimmy Chamberlain suggested the band's 2007 comeback album Zeigeist would be their last.
After fans' desperate protests, Chamberlain has spoken out again, to insist the band would carry on performing and recording - they just wouldn't release anything in an album format.
Chamberlain says, "The Smashing Pumpkins, will continue to write, record, release, and perform as long as we are able. Some of you may have read bits of an interview that was done in confidence by yours truly, in which I say that the Pumpkins probably won't record CDs anymore.
"What I meant by this is this: although we may not use the 'album' or 'full length CD' as a format anymore, we will write and record music until we are dead."