Smashing Pumpkins star Billy Corgan has a new guitar to play with - bosses at Fender have just designed a Stratocaster for the frontman.
As part of the firm's signature line of electric guitars, the Billy Corgan Stratocaster has been produced to the rocker's exact specifications.
A modern take on the iconic Fender Start model, Corgan's new guitar has been built especially for a high-gain sound and designed to create Corgan's signature buzz saw tone.
Thrilled Corgan says, "The versatility of this instrument is what impresses me and is why I'm really excited about this model.
"This guitar has both a Start articulation and enough low-end heavy metal sound to get the Sabbath out of the guitar I want. My greatest go-to guitar got stolen at a Pumpkins club date in 1991, and I've always struggled since then to find a guitar that was my guitar."