Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan's rendition of baseball anthem TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLPARK failed to bring his team Chicago Cubs any luck on Wednesday night (15OCT03) in the NATIONAL LEAGUE CONFERENCE SERIES.

Corgan led the crowd in a rendition of the tune during the seventh inning stretch and screamed, "Let's get some more runs."

But his efforts were in vain - the Cubs lost to the FLORIDA MARLINS and missed out on a chance to play in the WORLD SERIES, which starts on Saturday (18OCT03).

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman was cheering on the NEW YORK YANKEES last night (16OCT03) after taking her kids to YANKEES STADIUM for the team's AMERICAN LEAGUE CONFERENCE SERIES clash on Tuesday (14OCT03).

17/10/2003 08:54