Smashing Pumpkins star Billy Corgan has attacked Radiohead and Amy Winehouse for not setting a better example to emerging acts. The rocker admits he feels sorry for wannabe stars because they have no role models in the music industry to look up to, insisting that's why so many talented people are forced to try their luck on reality TV contests. Corgan says, "I think it's really difficult for the young artist, who doesn't have at least some sense of a pathway. "If you were a kid today and you're looking at the bands who are successful right now, you think, if you don't sort of sell out and let somebody make you a star, go on American Idol, then you can't be successful. "And when the message on Amy Winehouse is drama is better than music, and, for Radiohead, publicity is better than music - no disrespect to them - I think it's a bad message to young bands of how to make it happen. "It's almost like the evil stepchild of the rap bling-bling thing: 'The only way to make it work is I've got to come up with a gimmick.'"