Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan has been overwhelmed by drummers hoping to replace Jimmy Chamberlin in his band - more than 1,000 wannabes have put their names forward for auditions next week (14Apr09).
Chamberlin quit the group last month (Mar09), leaving Corgan the only original member of the band - and he set about finding a new bandmate.
The frontman asked fans and musicians to post submissions online two weeks ago, and he's more than happy with the response so far.
In a post of the band's website, Corgan writes, "We've received a staggering amount of submissions so far (over 1,000!), so let me say to everyone who has submitted thank you and God bless you for having the courage to throw your name out there.
"The auditions on the 14th are just the first round of trying people out. There is no hurry at the moment, as I'm not quite ready to record yet, and it's possible I may need more than one drummer for what my plans are. So for someone who may think they would never get a chance there is still time in the months ahead to keep trying.
"I view it as a process to find the right person(s) and it's important that the right consideration is given."
Corgan, who will accompany hopefuls on bass at the auditions, reveals he has been "rocking amongst friends" since Chamberlin's departure, and he has signed up his "best man" Kerry Brown to play drums on sessions.
Chamberlin quit the group, explaining he could no longer be a part of something he wasn't "into".
He said, "I can no longer commit all of my energy into something that I don't fully possess. I won't pretend I'm into something I'm not. I won't do it to myself, you the fan, or my former partner. I can't just 'cash the check', so to speak."