Former Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan frontman Billy Corgan is relishing recording his debut solo album - because there will be "no compromises".

Although the TODAY singer is planning to enlist the talents of a few famous friends, he's relieved musicians won't be interrupting the recording process with their opinions.

Writing on his website, Billy says, "I am excited to work on this music, because for the first time in my life it will be my tunes with no compromises to anyone or anything. It's gonna be loud and beautiful and poetic and dumb. Just the way I like it.

"So I come in with no songs but maybe one or two, no lyrics, no band - but a few of Santa's helpers lined up - and no dairy.

"We started a few days ago to get it together for my first solo album. I am starting over from such a fresh perspective that there is nothing to rely on but my good name.

"I am being honest when I say I am ready for that and love the challenge and relish the mustard."

29/01/2004 00:11