Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is using his band's new legal battle with music industry heavyweights at Virgin to attack the whole business. The angry rocker and his bandmates filed suit against Virgin bosses on Monday (24Mar08), accusing them of allowing firms to use the group's name and music for promotional purposes, without permission. But the lawsuit has only fuelled the rocker's distaste for the state of the music business - and he's even taking aim at executives at his current label Warner Brothers. In a fiery rant to rock magazine Rolling Stone, Corgan claims talking to today's music heads is like "talking to a brick wall". He rages, "These people, they treat your music like it's worthless and they treat you like you're even more worthless. And that goes for our current label, Warner Brothers, too. "There's no passion. There's no love. There's no respect. It's just, like you're just a number. You might as well be some cookies, or a rock... Warner Brothers treats us like we're from another planet." And Corgan admits he's delighted to see the music business struggling as top acts find other ways to sell their music without the need of traditional record companies. He adds, "The music business has sown the seeds for it's own destruction here. So we're not in any hurry to go back and help save them."