Former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has spoken out about his decision to quit the group last week (ends20Mar09), revealing he could no longer be a part of something he wasn't "into".
The drummer has opened up about his choice to opt out of upcoming recording and touring commitments with frontman Billy Corgan in a blog post to fans.
He writes, "I can no longer commit all of my energy into something that I dont fully possess. I wont pretend Im into something Im not. I wont do it to myself, you the fan, or my former partner. I cant just, Cash the check so to speak."
But he insists he and Corgan have not fallen out over his departure: "My best goes out to Billy and Im glad he has chosen to continue under the name. It is his right... There is no drama, bad blood."
Corgan and Chamberlin regrouped as Smashing Pumpkins in 2004 after the band split in 2000. The drummer joined the group Corgan founded in 1988 and played on all their albums, except 1988's Adore. He also joined Corgan in spin-off group Zwan.