Former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain learnt an important life lesson when he survived heroin addiction - his services to music were still needed.

The TODAY musician is a firm believer in destiny, and while several of his pals suffered untimely demises at the fatal hands of the narcotic, he escaped relatively unscathed.

And he's convinced his good luck had nothing to do with a strong physical resistance to heroin, insisting he survived to carry on providing the music industry with rocking drum beats.

He says, "The dark days were part of somebody's grand scheme. I have a lot of faith in the order of things. It's something I realised after people died in front of me. When I realised I was alive and able to make music I began to realise why I was here. I take that very seriously.

"I don't do drugs and I don't drink anymore. Those are things I used to do a lot of. I just don't see the glamour in it anymore. The things that are important to me now are honesty, music, my family and my friends."

02/03/2005 09:41