Former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain has been forced to embrace his past - because it's all fans and journalists want to talk about when they meet him.

The TODAY rocker can't escape the legacy left behind by the rock pioneers, and is constantly quizzed about his musical relationship with Smashing Pumpkins singer/songwriter Billy Corgan.

And Chamberlain is still reminded of painful memories relating to his near-fatal heroin addiction in the late 1990s and the drug death of his Smashing Pumpkins bandmate JONATHAN MELVOIN.

However, rather than resent questions about his past, the drummer understands why it still fascinates people - so he happily answers them.

He says, "People bring up my past. It seems to be their favourite thing to do. I don't really care. I knew it would happen and I'm not going to run from it."

01/03/2005 14:17