Funk legend Sly Stone is suing his former manager for alleged fraud and breach of contract.
In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday (29Jan10), Stone also accuses Jerry Goldstein of fiduciary duty, as well as converting and misappropriating Stone's royalties and assets for more than 20 years, reports United Press International.
The Sly & the Family Stone frontman, real name Sylvester Stewart, is demanding a full account of royalties that are due to him, so he can determine the exact amounts of money that was allegedly taken.
It is thought the amount could add up to $20 to $30 million (£12.5 million to £18.75 million).
Stone, who is now reportedly dependent on Social Security to live on, is also seeking punitive damages.
Stone's attorney, Robert J. Allan, says, "On the eve of the Grammys that celebrate the best of our artists, we see a dark side of the music business, where some of these artists are being robbed of their intellectual property and the fruits of their genius by unscrupulous people who prey on their trusting nature and lack of business and legal knowledge.
"Not satisfied with the royalties he diverted from Sly Stone, Goldstein, without Stone's knowledge or consent, registered his trade name - Sly and the Family Stone - with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as owned by a Goldstein company and borrowed millions of dollars secured by Sly's future royalties."
The lawsuit suggests Goldstein, his longtime companion Claire Levine and attorney Glenn Stone, set up several companies to divert royalty payments and borrow against Stone's work, reports the Associated Press.