Funk legend Sly Stone is putting together a band made up entirely of albino musicians.

The Sly And The Family Stone frontman recently launched a comeback with the release of his first album in almost 20 years, and now he has big plans for his next act.

He tells The Guardian newspaper, "I'm looking for albino musicians. My feeling about it is that it could neutralise all the different racial problems.

"To me, albinos are the most legitimate minority group of all. All races have albinos. If we all realise that we've all got albinos in our families, it's going to take away from the ridiculous racial tension, if you're black or you're white, blah blah blah.

"That's what I've been rehearsing for. People will see us, all of us together - a real family, an albino family. People will get happy when they see that! People have got to be happy for that."