Reclusive funk icon Sly Stone has confirmed plans to return to the limelight with SLY + The Family Stone in a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine. The '70s music legend has granted the style publication his first interview since the early 1980s - before he became a recluse. The surprise article comes after a string of rumours about a comeback and a handful of odd performances, including his brief part in a tribute at the 2006 Grammy Awards. After months of talk about a Sly + The Family Stone tour and album, the group's founder and former leader tells Vanity Fair, "I got a lot of songs I want to record and put out, so I'm gonna try 'em out on the road." He claims to have written "maybe 200 songs" at his California ranch home during his time away from the spotlight, and tells the publication he has spent years quietly collecting exotic cars from around the world. But he admits, "I do regular things a lot, but it's probably more of a Sly Stone life... It's probably not very normal."