Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor plans to use the masked band's upcoming festival shows to figure out if he has what it takes to continue touring after pal and bass player Paul Gray's death.
Gray died of a drug overdose last year (May10) and Taylor, who also fronts rockers Stone Sour, has made it clear he's unsure whether the group should continue without him.
He tells he's still struggling with Gray's death and fears Slipknot's summer shows could be his last with the band.
Taylor explains, "There's a part of me that's ready and there's a part of me that's not.
"I have a lot of trepidation about it (concerts). I don't know how to feel. I know a lot of the guys in the band are trying not to show that side, and I can't."
Gray will be replaced by the group's original bassist, Donnie Steele, when it plays festivals in the U.K., Belgium and Brazil - and Taylor is not convinced the gigs will work without his late bandmate.
He adds, "He's irreplaceable. Without Paul Gray, there would have been no Slipknot, and I mean that sincerely... It's strange for me to think about the future of Slipknot without him.
"This tour coming up is definitely going to be like baby steps... It's going to be a long time before I feel OK about it. I'm not saying that I'm not open to it. I'm just saying that I'm not there yet, and I don't know how long it's going to take me to get there. So we're just going to have to see what happens. Only time will tell."