Slipknot are to re-release 'All Hope is Gone' to celebrate the record's 10th anniversary.

The heavy metal outfit's percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan has confirmed they will put out their fourth studio album - the group's first to debut at number one on the Billboard chart - again, and has hinted the band will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut 'Slipknot' album next year in some way.

Speaking about how he once viewed ''corporate'' anniversary projects, he said: ''I'm in a band and I can't stand that. But now, I'm like, 'Wow.' For instance, I'm working for 'All Hope Is Gone', and what I'm doing is I'm using the stuff I would've never approved.

''Now I can look at it and go, 'Wow. The fans need to see this.' ''

When asked if there could be something next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 'Spit it Out' hitmakers' self-titled debut album, which dropped in 1999, Shawn replied: ''Oh, for sure.''

The 'Wait and Bleed' hitmakers entered a temporary hiatus in 2016, and while Shawn admitted the band are still having some time off, they are ''really, really looking to the future''.

Speaking to The Des Moines Register, he added: ''We still have a lot of time left of this year.

''We're still off. It's gonna be a minute for new music and new stuff. But ... I'm here. So keep your eyes and ears open.''

Slipknot haven't released a new album since 2014's '.5: The Gray Chapter', but in April frontman Corey Taylor revealed the group were working on new music.

He said: ''The guys are writing tons of music and I've written lyrics to almost all of it.

''We're going to start trying to put together demos here and there with the time off that I have and really try to get ahead of the curve as far as what happens next.