A lawsuit filed by late Slipknot star Paul Gray's wife against his doctor has been dismissed, because she waited too long to take action.

Polk County District Judge Dennis Stovall has ruled Brenna Gray should have filed her lawsuit against Dr. Daniel Baldi within the two years following her husband's death in July, 2010.

Instead she waited until February (14).

Brenna claimed Baldi failed to help her husband overcome his addictions. Paul Gray died after overdosing on drugs in an Iowa hotel.

The doctor was previously acquitted of the involuntary manslaughter of Gray.

In other Slipknot news, the band has announced the release of its first new single since Gray's death and the departure of Joey Jordison in 2013.

The Negative One has been posted on the band's website.

The group has also announced plans to record a new album - its first since 2008's All Hope Is Gone.