Two California youths have admitted to killing twenty-two-year-old TERRY RAY TAYLOR after listening to masked shock rockers Slipknot.

Superior Court Judge MICHAEL A. SMITH ruled that JASON LAMAR HARRIs, 20, and AMBER ROSE RILEY, 16, could be charged with murder for the 24 April (03) slaying of Taylor.

Harris and Riley told police that they had planned the murder for months, and lured Taylor to Perris Hill Park, where he was stabbed more than twenty times and his throat cut.

The pair claimed that they were listening to Slipknot before and after the murder. Lyrics provided by Harris and Riley - "I wanna slit your throat and f*** the wound" - match those of the track DISASTERPIECE, from Slipknot's 2001 album IOWA.

Harris and Riley are being held without bail, and state law will allow the latter to be tried as an adult.

11/07/2003 00:14