Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman COREY TAYLOR has fuelled speculation he is planning to join thrash metal rockers Anthrax, replacing Joey Belladonna. Taylor, who already fronts two successful rock acts, has been in the studio helping the Deathrider performers record their forthcoming album and is seriously considering taking on the extra responsibility. The 33-year-old tells German magazine Rock Hard, "Obviously, I'm really good friends with those guys. It kind of started as a joke. And then the more we talked about it, the more serious it got. I'm gonna at least help them out. "It's kind of a dream come true, Anthrax is one of my favorite bands. "We're just kind of taking baby steps right now. I know that we worked on about eight or nine songs together that I've written lyrics for. "But there's nothing definite right now. It's one of those things where it's like we're just gonna kind of play it by ear and just see what happens. I'm in two huge bands right now. So it's like I barely get enough time to sleep, let alone do another band. "I'm just kind of honored that they would even consider me. These are people that I grew up listening to, these are guys that I had the privilege of getting to know on a real basis. "To have them look at me and go, 'You know what? We would love to work with you,' it's such a huge compliment. It kind of makes me feel like I've come a long way in my life."