Slipknot credit their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, with their twisted take on rock.

The masked musicians often commit acts of bodily harm as they perform live at concerts, and songwriter and drummer JOEY JORDISON blames their antics on growing up in the mid-western town.

He says, "Being born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, brings out that f***ed-up element in us. (Serial killer) John Wayne Gacy was from there. (Percussionist) SHAWN CRAHAN's dad used to eat at the KFC (Gacy) used to manage."

And Jordison is proud of his and his bandmates' onstage antics - which have included vomiting and bleeding for all to see.

He continues, "I have really long hair, and it gets caught in the slit of the mask,and it goes down my throat and gags me, so I throw up. I have to lift my mask up and pour all the puke down through my drum riser.

"We've all gotten stitches and broken bones. Once Shawn lay down on his back and threw a mic stand up, and it came back down and cracked him in the head and split his head open. It f***ing ruled. If the music makes you go that insane and you get a scar from it, you know it was a good show."

20/04/2004 09:33