Slipknot rocker Corey Taylor blames record companies for album piracy, insisting new music isn't worth paying for.
The frontman is urging big labels to stop targetting fans who download tracks illegally, and concentrate on scouting and promoting better bands.
Taylor tells music magazine Kerrang, "Why would you blame (people who download music)? Half the f**king albums that are out there are s**t. I don't download, but at the same time, I don't buy new music 'cause it all sucks. Okay, there's a handful of bands that I buy, but other than that, I just buy old s**t because old s**t is good. Sorry!
"People wanna blame the decline of album sales on downloading - I think it's actually the record companies' fault. I think it's the quality of the product. If record companies would stop giving any f**king mook (idiot) on the street with a fringe a record deal or their own record label, maybe you would sell more f**king albums, dips**ts."