Slipknot stars COREY TAYLOR and JIM ROOT have made such a success of their side project Stone Sour they have extended the SPIT IT OUT band's hiatus for another year. The shock rockers are taking a break while Taylor and Root record and tour with Stone Sour. Slipknot bandmate SHAWN CRAHAN recently claimed he expected the pair back to write with him soon - but Taylor insists his friend will be disappointed. He tells MTV he also needs more time to recover from the intense release of Slipknot's last album, 2004's VOL. 3: THE SUBLIMINAL VERSES. Taylor says, "I just don't see anything serious happening until the beginning of early 2008. Between recording and touring, we spent two and a half years, and that period was just so f**kin' crazy that you kind of have to give it at least that much equal time to settle down and get the interest back up."