Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has revealed that he is about to launch a solo career.

Taylor is already part of a second band, STONE SOUR, but has been working on new material for a lone project.

According to the singer, he already has around 40 songs recorded for the forthcoming album, claiming that his songwriting can be restricted when working with either band.

"In both Slipknot and Stone Sour I'm slightly limited to how I can write and indeed what I can write about. The beauty of doing a solo album is that I can write whatever type of song I want," he told the Daily Record.

Elsewhere, Taylor has voiced his disdain for Coldplay'S latest album VIVA LA VIDA, calling it "self-celebratory".

He told Zane Lowe during an MTV interview that he "f***ing hates" the UK band's best-selling record.

SLIPKNOT released their fourth studio album ALL HOPE IS GONE in August 2008.

07/01/2009 11:13:04