The members of Slipknot have formed a film production company - so they can get into the minds of movie fans.
Masked rockers Shawn Crahan and frontman Corey Taylor will launch their Living Breathing Films initiative at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah next week (beg16Jan12), and they have revealed the movies they will make will be as disturbing as their image and their music.
Drummer Crahan, aka Clown, tells Rolling Stone, "Our movies are going to be psychological. They’re going to affect you. When The Exorcist came out people got up and left after 15 minutes and that turns us on. If I haven’t got someone to leave in five minutes for at least one of my films then I’m not doing my job."
And he tells WENN their projects will be "a study in 'Did my eyes see what I think they saw?'" adding, "It's definitely going to stir the pot and get the world talking. Those are the best movies."
The Slipknot stars will initially help score the films they greenlight, but Crahan hopes to direct too, while Taylor will appear in some of the movies.
The rocker adds, "We’re looking to basically break ground on it this year. We’re obviously going to make sure that it doesn’t conflict with the future Slipknot touring stuff."
But festivalgoers at Sundance will be treated to a taste of what they can expect from Slipknot's new film production company.
Crahan adds, "We just made a little film on Sunday and we basically got burlap bags, put them on our heads and then got zip tied and I forced us to walk through thorns. There was no acting 'cos when Corey screamed, 'F**k,' he meant f**k - because he was getting a thorn slicing across his chest. That’s what we are - we live our art, we breathe it."