Slipknot drummer JOEY JORDISON has promised fans the band will rock on following the death of bassist PAUL GRAY, although they have no plans to ever replace the late star.
Gray, 38, was found dead from an accidental overdose in a suburban Des Moines, Iowa hotel in May (10).
His bandmates have been struggling to come to terms with their grief and guitarist Jim Root recently admitted the heavy rockers were still too distraught to even consider recording or performing again without their pal.
He said, "There's going to be a big healing process that needs to happen before we even think about whether or not Slipknot will continue. And right now that's the furthest thing from our mind.
"Right now we are just grieving or trying to find time to grieve anyway for the fact that our bro's gone. It's weird because some days I don't even think it's real, so that one's not going to make sense for a while."
But Jordison is adamant Slipknot will live on, reports The Pulse of Radio.
He says, "There will be no other bass players besides Jim, Mick (Thomson, guitarist) and me, more than likely. Everyone actually kind of plays guitar in the band, so I think we're all gonna play bass on the record. We're not gonna have anyone come in. But live, we'll deal with that when it comes."
A new Slipknot release is not expected until at least 2012.