The musician died after an accidental morphine overdose in May, 2010 at the age of 38, three months before his wife Brenna gave birth to their daughter October.

In April (17), much of Gray's equipment from his time with the legendary metal band, as well as stage attire, signed items, personal effects and awards will go on sale at Backstage Auctions in Houston, Texas.

"It's truly a privilege to be hosting this event especially knowing that it will benefit Paul's daughter October," says Backstage Auctions founder Jacques van Gool.

Among the items that will go on sale are 14 guitars, a platinum record marking Slipknot's 1999 debut album's U.S. sales breaking the one million barrier, and a jumpsuit he wore while touring with the band.

"Each of the guitars and jumpsuits has their own story to tell and represent a significant element of Paul Gray's touring and recording history," van Gool adds.

"I have personally worked with Brenna Gray over the past 18 months and her final selection of items from Paul's collection is amazing and truly honours Paul's legacy. She has hand-picked items that will appeal to Paul Gray and Slipknot collectors all around the world."

Gray's death almost caused Slipknot's other members to end their time together as a group, but they returned to touring and recording in 2011.

The auction of Gray's belongings runs from 1 to 9 April (17).