Slipknot drummer JOEY JORDISON was thrilled when he was asked to temporarily replace Metallica's legendary sticks man Lars Ulrich who was too ill to perform.

Ulrich became ill on the plane journey to the Download Festival (06JUN04) at Donington Castle, England, forcing them to land in Germany where an ambulance was waiting for him. Metallica's guitarist Kirk Hammett consequently begged Jordison - a life-long Metallica fan - to take Ulrich's place.

Jordison gushes, "I was getting dressed after our Slipknot show when our manager came in and said Kirk wanted to talk to me. It was really odd and not something I was expecting.

"I know the whole catalogue of Metallica songs, so it felt very natural onstage. It was an honour to play with a band that have meant so much to me. I was glad to give something back to them and help them out."

18/06/2004 03:13